Since 1992, The Dave Flippo Ensemble has presented original compositions by Dr. Dave Flippo, reflecting his wide range of interest and influences and feature his unique, often offbeat arrangements. The band performs both instrumental and vocal programs, featuring Flippo on vocals. The can appear as a duo, trio or quartet.

Their newest CD,
Life on Mars, (Oppilf Records) features the trio and will be released in March of 2016. It include striking arrangements of rock and pop classics from the 60s onward which are all featured in their program "JAZZ Goes the POP!".
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Dave Flippo Jazz Quintet Heath Chappell Dan Hesler Donn DeSanto Aras Biskis Chicago Contemporary Jazz

One of 41 ensembles chased for the
Jazz Connect 2016 Jazz Jukebox Jury
conducted at the Jazz Connect Conference 2016,
Organized by JazzTimes and the Jazz Forward Coalition,

"JAZZ Goes the POP!" - "Jazzified" Rock Classics and Contemporary Gems.

The Dave Flippo Trio presents a dazzling collection of unique, inventive jazz arrangements of popular contemporary music from the 60’s to the present. Since 1992, the band has been performing in the Chicago area at festivals, libraries, colleges and local clubs, most recently at Eddie V's Prime Seafood, the Underground Wonderbar and Jerry's Wicker Park.

- The program includes the music of classic rock artists:Lennon/McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie and Jack Bruce (Cream). Contemporary recording artists in the band’s book include: Amy Winehouse, KT Turnstall, Flaming Lips, Sting, Jason Mraz and Train.
- The group also can perform as a quartet or duo, with or without vocals.

(Recorded on the upcoming release Life on Mars on Oppilf Records - Release date: March 2016)

"TAO TUNES" - Vocal Jazz Settings of the Ancient Tao Te Ching
Eighteen vocal settings of the Tao Te Ching by Dave Flippo built off his 'lyricized' texts, "clothed" in a wide variety of styles . . . swing, bossa, ambient, rock, tango bossa, (contrapuntal) Indian and others. The collection of brief thoughts, which seem extremely relevant today, are insights into the workings of nature, the earth and human behavior. The program includes a mix of vocals and offers plenty of high energy music balanced with ballads and gentle Latin works. Sample texts can be found here.

(Recorded on their CD Tao Tunes on Oppilf Records - 2011)

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(Photos by John Broughton)